The Antaris lives from participation!

Would you like to be there?

Welcome to the best crew in the world! We are an organically grown structure of many highly motivated people who come together every year and put their combined energy into ANTARIS to provide our guests an unforgettable festival experience.

To be there, there are various possibilities which we would like to bring to you closer in the following. In each area there is a link or an email address with which you can apply.


Would you like to support us with your work performance and thereby earn your ticket? Three time windows are available:
  1. during construction on 06.07. until 11.07. for those with manual skills
  2. during the event on 11.07. until 15.07. for cash register/stewards + bar
  3. during dismantling on 16.07. until 19.07. for those who are still resilient after 4 days of partying!
During assembly and dismantling, you get 1 ticket for three days of work and catering on the working days (3 meals).
During the event you will work two shifts of 8 hours each for 1 ticket, catering will NOT be provided.
For phase 2. and 3, you have to buy a ticket FIRST, after you have completed the service you will reseive a refund of the ticket price.
Click here for the application form.


The market street with its many food and non-food stands gives our festival site its character. Lovingly decorated and stylishly illuminated at night, it is the perfect setting for our infield. Of course, we make sure that the selection is large and that not everyone offers the same thing.

With the food stalls, we traditionally prefer vegetarian and vegan food stands, but that's not a law, meat just shouldn't be the focus.
Interested? Then apply here.

Spiritual Circle

Since the Spiritual Circle is a matter close to our hearts, we have dedicated a entire page to it and its participation. Please inform yourself here.

Art exhibition

You feel called as an artist and your passion are large sculptures? Our area is large and we would like to see living objects in an open art exhibition, kinetic sculptures, archaic wooden constructions or walk-in string art. If you feel addressed and we are just inspiring your imagination, introduce us to your project and together we will think about whether we can find a place for it and perhaps even provide a small budget for it, free tickets should definitely be included.

Please send us a serious and well thought out project description by e-mail.

Fire juggler, artists and walkacts

ANTARIS lives from the colorful people, self-promoters and transformation artists! Of course, everyone is encouraged to wear their most beautiful costume at the festival. Those of you who do this quite professionally, tinker with their costumes all year round, walk skillfully on stilts or play impressively with fire are called upon to perform and we would be happy to reward you with free entry! The offer is really only valid for professionals, please apply informally with references to this e-mail address.