Questions about the Festival

Some of you are new here and probably very excited to see how an ANTARIS - Festival works and what awaits you. Welcome on board! Others have been with us for 30 years, it's nice that you are here!
We encounter many questions again and again, we have put together the answers for you below. Nevertheless, we receive many questions every year by e-mail or on social media. We always try to answer everything. Before you write to us, please check whether your question has already been answered here.
  • Box office

    Of course, we also have a box office again for those who decide late. Only cash payment is possible at the box office.

  • Approach

    Traveling by car, is the most unecological way! Over 80% of the festivals's CO2 emissions are based on the arrival of the guests. According to statstics, if we carpool, and all vehicles are occupied by four people, we already save 40% of that.

    The destination address for the navigation system is Apfelallee in 14728 Stölln, the traffic guidance on site is signposted.

    The ecological alternatives are buses and trains. The destination station is Rathenow or Neustadt Dosse. We will offer a bus shuttle from Rathenow train station to the festival site. You will receive information about this from us later.

  • Awareness

    Our scene is colourful and diverse, we meet as humans, everyone is respected as an individual! We do not tolerate any discrimination on the premises, whether racial, sexual, gender or social! Sexual assaults are also absolutely unacceptable! We are a family! We are apolitical. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their beliefs, the collective trance experience creates new awareness!

  • Accessibility

    The entire area is meadow and relatively flat. We have reserved and labelled two parking and camping areas for people with disabilities. Both have a corresponding toilet in the immediate vicinity.

    If you can proof yout impairment, your accompanying person will receive free entry (severely disabled ID card B/G).

  • Camping and parking

    Camping is included in the festival price. The festival ticket entitles you to enter by car, caravan or motorhome. You can freely choose the spot and park the car next to your tent.

  • Showers and toilets

    We would like to offer you a little more comfort in the toilets this year and have ordered two containers with real toilets, which will serve as paid toilets near the Infield. There are also a large number of free Dixi-toilets throughout the entire site. All toilets are emptied and cleaned several times a day.

    We offer free cold showers with gender segregation. Based on your criticism, we will divide these up to ensure a bit privacy. We will not have shower containers for ecological reasons, as they run on heating oil or generators. Our tip: Solar showers are ecological, there is plenty of water.

    Please use biodegradable soap/shower gel/shampoo for showering!

  • Admission

    Our gate opens on 07/11/2024 at 9:00 a.m. Arriving earlier is pointless, you definitely won't get in! This is for insurance reasons. Please do not crowd the road beforehand, agricultural traffic consists mainly of large machines, otherwise they will cause us trouble!

  • First aid

    The paramedics are located at the entrance to the site, very close to the ticket office. They are also there for you for your minor aches and pains such as insect bites or headaches. In an emergency, you can also contact the security, all security forces are connected by radio. Take care of each other - your well-being is important to us!

  • Food and drink

    Around the infield there are a lot of food stalls that offer a large selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes for you. International delicacies from Swabian spaetzle to Italian pizza to Asian cuisine pamper your palate.

    You can get all kinds of drinks at moderate prices at the bars on the dance floor. Please make sure, to drink enough fluids during the dance marathon, especially when it's hot.

  • Fire

    Open fire is prohibited on the entire site! The only exception are the fire bowls on the infield, but they also require attention.

  • Photo and filming

    Of course, everyone is free to take photos and films at the festival, but please pay attention to the personal rights of others and do not be too intrusive!

    We have commissioned professional photographers and videographers, when you enter the site you agree to the free use of the recordings. If anyone has a problem with this, contact the filmmaker/photographer.

  • Dogs

    We love animals, so we can't accept dogs coming to the dance floor. At very high volume, they lose orientation and prolonged noise destroys their ears. Therefore, please leave your four-legged friend at home.

  • Children

    Children are part of the family! Of course, they are welcome, but we expect them to be treated responsibly. Children under the age of 16, accompanied by their parents have free entry, if you take them with you to the dance floor, please make sure you have suitable hearing protection.

  • Line Up – Timetable

    The timetable will only be announced immediately before the festival, there may be postponements due to force majeure (e.g. flight cancellations), we will try to announce these as soon as possible. Please refrain from asking when your favourite act plays, we will not answer these!

  • Lost & Found

    The Lost & Found is at the Infopoint on the Shop-street.

  • Garbage

    The garbage is still a serious issue, the cleaning of the place has always cost us many thousands of euros, not to mention the disposal costs. We charge a waste deposit of 10€ per person at the entrance, more information on this in the next section.

    Please make sure that you leave your camp clean, cigarette butts and crown caps cause us the most work. We would like to return the place just as clean as we found it.

  • Garbage deposit

    We charge a garbage deposit of 10€ per person in cash at the entrance. You will receive a garbage bag and a deposit stamp for this. Please bring the 10€ with you if possible, as you want it back at the end.

    The garbage deposit will be paid back when leaving the site in exchange for the filled garbage bag and the deposit stamp.

  • Mother's note - Minors

    Children and young people up to the completion of the 16th Year of life have free admission when accompanied by their parents, we expect proof of age. Young people aged 16 and over pay the full price and must be accompanied by a legal guardian. If these are not the parents, you will need a so-called "mother's note" , more information can be found here:

    We are obliged to control the age of young people!

  • Shuttle-Bus

    You can find Information about our shuttle buses here:

  • Day tickets

    We offer day tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. These are valid from 10 a.m. until 10 a.m. the next morning. They do not entitle you to enter with a motor vehicle, parking spaces are available in the ticket office area. No garbage deposit is charged on day tickets.

    Day tickets are available from April, we will inform you!

  • Tickets

    The pre-sale tickets are sent digitally via e-mail, only the QR code is required for check-in. This can be verified by smart phone at the entrance, a printout is not necessary.

    The tickets are not personalised, a transfer is possible.

    If you get tickets offered tickets by others, please make sure you choose a trustworthy source. The QR code expires when redeemed at the entrance. We do assume no warranty or liablility for tickets passed on.

  • Advance booking

    Advance sales takes place exclusively via our website under Tickets.

  • Water

    We have several deep wells on the site, the water is of drinking water quality and has been approved by the health department. There are collection points both in Shop-street and at the showers.