1. Organizer and validity of the GTC

1.1.  The Antaris-Project Festival is organized by the company Culture & Fun Events GmbH, Dorfstraße 31, 14547 Buchholz, further called "Organizer".

1.2.1. The ANTARIS PROJECT FESTIVAL (hereinafter "Event") takes place on a designated festival site in the district of Havelland (Federal Republic of Germany). The festival area includes the event area and the parking areas (hereinafter "festival area").

1.2.2. These general terms and conditions (hereinafter "GTC") apply between the purchaser of a ticket and the organizer and/or the visitor and the organizer. By purchasing a ticket, the ticket buyer and/or the visitor conclude an event contract with the organizer.

1.2.3. Every visitor recognizes the rights and obligations in these terms and conditions.

2. Purchase agreement

By purchasing tickets or related services, a direct contractual relationship is established between the person purchasing them and the organizer.

The binding offer to conclude a contract on the part of the purchasing person is made by correctly entering and sending all the necessary data for payment processing and sending the tickets or, in the case of transfers, by receipt of the payment at the bank-account. Subsequent changes or corrections to the information can be communicated to the email address

The general two-week right of cancellation or return regulated in the Distance Selling Act cannot apply according to §312b Paragraph 3 No. 6 BGB, since the festival ticket is a provision of services in the areas of leisure activities and accommodation, therefore a withdrawal from the purchase contract is required excluded from this festival ticket. See decision of the Munich District Court of December 2, 2005, file number: 182 C 26144/05.

Payment of the total price is due immediately and without deductions after placing or sending the order.

The prices offered for the tickets are final prices including advance booking fees and the applicable VAT. Additional fees may apply for payments not made by bank transfer, direct debit or cash.

When making transfers from abroad, the person buying the ticket bears all transfer fees.

All tickets contain a so-called QR code. Admission is granted once per QR code. The code must therefore - like cash - be kept in a safe place and is considered binding proof of authorization.

The tickets will be sent electronically (e-mail) as soon as payment has been received. Depending on the payment method, this can take a few days.

3. Resale Prohibition / Prohibition on Modification of Tickets / Penalty

3.1. In principle, the organizer agrees to the transfer of visiting rights to a third party. The rights and obligations from the event contract documented by the admission ticket can only be transferred to a third party if the third party enters into the event contract and assumes all rights and obligations. This entry requires the consent of the organizer, which is not given, in particular, in the case of the sale of visiting rights or tickets in the context of auctions not authorized by the organizer, in particular on the Internet or via other unauthorized Internet marketplaces or Internet ticket exchanges. In order to avoid acts of violence and criminal offenses in connection with attending the event, to enforce bans on visiting, to prevent the resale of tickets at inflated prices and in the interests of spectator safety, the transfer of book rights will not be granted in the following cases:

3.1.1. there is a house ban against the third party.

3.1.2. the visitation right is offered at a higher price than the face price of the ticket or it is a commercial or commercial resale.

3.1.3. the sale is mediated by unauthorized third parties, in particular Internet service providers, carried out by unauthorized third parties or processed by unauthorized third parties, in particular by marketplaces and ticket resellers on the Internet (e.g. eBay) who are not authorized by the organizer.

3.1.4. the transmission is directly or indirectly related to advertising, unauthorized travel packages, bonuses or sweepstakes.

3.2. Any visitor who passes on or changes tickets in violation of the above approval requirements shall pay the organizer an appropriate contractual penalty of EUR 2,500 per ticket or visitation offered in violation of the contract. In the event of a violation of the above prohibition, the organizer is entitled to revoke the right to visit or confiscate the ticket.

4. Arrival & Park

4.1. Traveling to the festival site and parking is at your own risk. For the

The StVO applies to the use of a parking space on the parking lot belonging to the festival site.

4.2. The visitors undertake to treat the parking space as well as buildings, facilities, inventory, etc. on the event site with care. Damage caused during the stay by the visitor himself or his companions must be reported to the organizer immediately and compensated.

4.3. The organizer expressly points out that irregularities, damage or losses (e.g. tree fruits, insects, animals, branches, etc.) caused by nature can occur; liability of the organizer for such damage is excluded.

5. Entry control / access to the festival site

5.1. Access to the festival site is only possible with a valid ticket or an intact festival wristband. The ticket must be shown at the first entrance, which will be exchanged for the wristband on the festival site. Visitors leaving the festival site will only be granted re-entry if they are wearing a locked, undamaged festival wristband. Unclosed or damaged ribbons lose their validity.

5.2. When entering the festival site, a security check can be carried out by the security personnel on site. The security staff/security is instructed to carry out a body and bag search of the visitors, especially when entering the festival area. Visitors agree to this.

5.3. The organizer reserves the right to refuse a visitor admission to the festival site for important reasons. An important reason is, in particular, the carrying of prohibited objects according to Section 6 if the visitor is obviously under the influence of drugs or has an obviously homophobic, sexist, racist or inhuman attitude. Entry will also be denied if the protection of minors is violated. If there is an important reason for the refusal of admission, the admission ticket or the festival wristband lose their validity and the admission price will not be refunded.

6. Prohibited Items

6.1. The following are prohibited on the entire festival site:

Animals/pets, weapons of any kind (including in a technical sense), flares, pyrotechnic articles, dry ice, sparklers, sky lanterns, vuvuzelas, megaphones, commercial, political or religious articles of any kind, including banners, signs, symbols or leaflets, and dangerous articles of any kind kind

6.2. The instructions of the security staff/security must be followed. The organizer reserves the right to issue an immediate eviction from the event site in the event of non-compliance.

6.3. The organizer is entitled to temporarily store and take possession of prohibited items.

7. House rules / rules of conduct / photography and filming

7.1. The domiciliary rights are exercised by the organizer and his orderly and security staff. The house and festival site regulations of the organizer apply on the festival site. The instructions of the organizer's staff must be followed. On the festival site, visitors are prohibited from:

7.1.1. carry prohibited items (section 6) with you,

7.1.2. use physical violence against other visitors, staff of the organizer or other third parties,

7.1.3. throwing objects onto the stage or other visitors,

7.1.4. to practice the "Wall of Death", "Circle Pit" or similar,

7.1.5. urinating or defecating outside of the toilets,

7.1.6. to paint, spray or soil structures, walls, things etc.,

7.1.7. to engage in commercial trade, to carry out marketing campaigns or advertising measures without the prior written consent of the organizer. Advertising measures of any kind, i.e. advertising a product, service, ideology or religion of a company or a brand, distributing or presenting political or religious content in any form (e.g. on leaflets, banners, signs, etc.) and attachment decorations and other items are strictly prohibited on the entire festival site.

7.1.8. Entering areas and rooms that are not open to visitors and climbing on stages, tents, trusses or similar.

7.2. Visitors who violate the above rules of conduct or the rules of conduct according to Sections 5.3, 6 and 7.1. violated or have violated, the organizer can expel you from the festival site and issue a house ban. If a visitor commits a crime at the ANTARIS PROJECT FESTIVAL (e.g. drug dealing, physical harm, theft, sexual assault, etc.), the visitor will be expelled from the festival site immediately and without warning and the facts will be reported to the police.

7.3. If there is an important reason mentioned above and the organizer expels the visitor from the event location, the ticket or the festival wristband loses its validity and the entrance fee will not be reimbursed. Anyone who culpably violates these terms and conditions is liable to compensate the organizer for the resulting damage.

8. Cancellation or abandonment of an event / program changes

8.1. If the ANTARIS PROJECT FESTIVAL is canceled completely, the reimbursement options are based on the current legal basis.

8.2. The ANTARIS PROJECT FESTIVAL will be held in all weather conditions, but should the weather conditions cause danger to life, limb or health for visitors, artists or staff, the ANTARIS PROJECT FESTIVAL will be canceled immediately. In this case, as well as if the ANTARIS PROJECT FESTIVAL is canceled for other reasons of force majeure, due to official orders or court decisions, there is no right to a refund or compensation, unless the organizer can be accused of intent or gross negligence.

8.3. If a service to be provided by the organizer is impossible or delayed due to weather conditions or due to an official order or court decision or due to other unforeseeable circumstances for which we are not responsible (e.g. labor disputes, operational disruptions, transport obstacles, official measures - also at the organiser's contractual partners). the organizer is entitled to cancel the event; a refund of the ticket price is based on the current legal basis.

8.4. The visitor undertakes to check the organizer's website in good time before the start of the trip to find out whether the event is taking place as planned. Liability for consequential damage due to the postponement and cancellation of the event is excluded.

8.5. The organizer has no influence on the design, length and content of the individual performances and therefore assumes no liability towards the visitor for this.

8.6. One ticket entitles you to visit a large number of concerts and accompanying events on the festival site. In the event of program changes, the cancellation of individual shows or program items, the deletion of individual concerts from the program, including so-called headliners, the visitor has no claims against the organizer.

8.7. Delays and relocations of individual program items are to be accepted by the visitor. The organizer will announce changes immediately on

9. Health impairment due to loud noise

9.1. The visitor is aware that the volume at the ANTARIS PROJECT FESTIVAL, especially in front of the stages, is particularly high and that there is a risk of possible damage to health, especially hearing damage. The organizer ensures that the visitor is not harmed by the sound level of the performances through suitable technical equipment, volume limitation and the selection of the individual event locations. Irrespective of this, however, it is strongly recommended to use earplugs, especially when staying near the loudspeakers, and to choose a place in front of the respective stages that is conducive to individual listening habits.

10. Protection of minors

10.1. The provisions of the law on the protection of young people in public apply to every event.

10.2. Adolescents between the ages of 16 and 17, i.e. under the age of 18, only have access when accompanied by a person with custody or a person responsible for education. A person responsible for bringing up children is any person over 18 years of age who, based on an agreement with the person with custody, carries out educational tasks on a permanent or temporary basis or who looks after a child or a young person in the context of training or youth welfare (§ 1 Para. 1 No. 4 JuSchG).

10.3. Persons responsible for bringing up children must carry written proof of their assignment with them and, if requested, show a copy of the identity card of the person entitled to custody.

11. Limitation of Liability

11.1. The organizer, his legal representatives or his vicarious agents are only liable in the event of intent or gross negligence.

11.2. The liability of the organizer for initial impossibility and for the breach of essential contractual obligations remains unaffected by the above limitation of liability, even in the case of simple negligence, but limited to the foreseeable and contract-typical damage. Claims for damage from intentional injury to body or health as well as under the Product Liability Act remain unaffected by the above limitation.

11.3. The organizer is not liable for lost or damaged items. Parking in designated parking spaces is at your own risk.

12. Right to own picture

12.1. The organizer and third parties commissioned by him are entitled to produce image, sound and image-sound recordings of the visitors within the framework of the events without remuneration for the persons depicted and to use them or have them used in any comprehensive way in all known and future media, in particular for reporting in all media including the Internet, on audio or video media as well as for advertising the ANTARIS PROJECT FESTIVAL, for sponsor acquisition and for all other business activities of the organizer and its affiliated companies. All rights may also be transferred to third parties for the above purposes.

13. Hygiene rules

The hygiene rules for major events valid at the time of the event apply. Access is only permitted to guests who can comply with the currently applicable rules. The currently valid rules will be published as soon as possible and visibly displayed upon entry. Every visitor is obliged to inform themselves about the current rules.

14. Applicable Law / Severability Clause / Miscellaneous 14.1. German law applies exclusively.

14.2. The organizer reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

14.3. Should any provision of these terms be or become invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining agreements. Such a regulation, which comes as close as possible to the intended purpose in a legally effective manner, should take the place of the ineffective or unenforceable agreement. The same applies in the case of loopholes.

14.4. In front of the main stage of the festival area there is enough space for all visitors of the ANTARIS PROJECT FESTIVAL. The organizer can block access to a secondary stage/tent if capacity is full. Early arrival is therefore strongly recommended. The instructions of the security staff must be followed.