Spiritual Circle

The spiritual circle is experiencing a new meaning. On the one hand, it will get a spatial distance from the dance floors and, on the other hand, it will offer a place for the open mind. In addition to workshops, lectures and rituals, this also includes a chill-out area that invites you to linger by the fire and also provides chilled sound at night.


Dancing yourself in a trance is an ancient, archaic ritual, but what does it actually mean? The Latin root for "trance" expresses passing over or transcending , i.e. a transition into an altered state of consciousness, our attention is directed from the outside to the inside, we come into contact with our higher self/spirit and the flow of the living.
In order to get into this trance state through the ritual and the community on the one hand, on the other hand, to meet like-minded people in this state of open consciousness and gain new input, we would like to provide you with the Spiritual Circle as a space. This room now wants to be filled, we understand this as a joint project and are open for your suggestions.

Join in

Now you are asked:
Would you like to share your unique skills and knowledge with others at our festival? Then we cordially invite you to become part of our healing community!
Our Spiritual Circle offers a wealth of opportunities for self-development and exchange. Whether you are an experienced yoga teacher, a talented dancer, an empathetic masseuse or an inspiring speaker - whether you want to offer a cocoa ceremony, healing practices, mediation or something else: We are looking for people like you who want to share their gifts with others or want to keep their fellow human beings in focus in the sense of mindfulness and safer use.
"The journey began many moons ago in Goa. We celebrated on the beach, danced in the jungle - wherever we were. Between the celebratory moments, we dedicated ourselves to yoga, immersed ourselves in the teachings of Ayurveda and discovered alternative healing methods. India opened our hearts and spirits to the miracles of healing." (Lynne Ford)
In the Spiritual Circle, our open laboratory for the evolution of mind and soul, we would like to give you the opportunity to share your unique experiences and insights with other festival participants. It is a safe and sacred space to share our meaningful experiences, ethereal knowledge and healing practices. Here we want to create new patterns of reality by exploring the endless realms of our multiverse - protected by the spirit of freedom.
If you feel addressed and would like to lead a workshop or give a lecture, then we warmly invite you to apply and become a part of our festival. Click here for the application form.