Spiritual Circle

The spiritual circle is experiencing a new meaning. On the one hand, it will get a spatial distance from the dance floors and, on the other hand, it will offer a place for the open mind. In addition to workshops, lectures and rituals, this also includes a chill-out area that invites you to linger by the fire and also provides chilled sound at night.


Dancing yourself in a trance is an ancient, archaic ritual, but what does it actually mean? The Latin root for "trance" expresses passing over or transcending , i.e. a transition into an altered state of consciousness, our attention is directed from the outside to the inside, we come into contact with our higher self/spirit and the flow of the living.
In order to get into this trance state through the ritual and the community on the one hand, on the other hand, to meet like-minded people in this state of open consciousness and gain new input, we would like to provide you with the Spiritual Circle as a space. This room is now being filled with your initiative and we are enthusiastic about the abundance of offers we have received in recent months.

A place of encounter

Security and atmosphere invite you to linger in the Spiritual Circle, during the day to in-depth workshops and interesting lectures, at night to chilled sounds from changing DJs.

Workshop tents and pavilions for individual applications form a magical circle around the energy pyramid in the center, which ensures peace and harmony. The fireplace brings warmth and light at night.

The program

A large number of applications have reached us, from which we have put together a colorful program, here you get an overview:

  • Transformative Atemsession
  • Tai-Chi und Chi-Gong
  • Northern Thai-Massage
  • Bodynamic
  • Violent transformation dance
  • Yin Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Yogische Tänze
  • Yoga für Männer
  • Tantra-(Paar-)Massage
  • Tantra als Yoga-Richtung
  • Yoga für emotionale Balance
  • Gruppenworkshop zur Selbstwahrnehmung und Selbstreflektion
  • Akashic Records and Drama Therapy
  • Gong Meditation
  • Silent mandala painting Meditation
  • Mantra-Mediation und Mantra-Gesang
  • Herzchakra-Meditation nach Osho
  • Singkreis (Kirtan)
  • Frauenkreis Terra Mater
  • Didgeridoo Workshop
  • Sound Healing
  • Kakaozeremonie
  • Vortrag über Neohumanismus
  • Vortrag über Ayurveda und Epigenetik
  • Vortrag über die Earthship-Gemeinschaft
  • Vortrag über Generation-Code
  • Bewegte Erdung und geführte Wahrnehmungsreise
  • Oneness awakening Deeksha
  • Self-love connection

The exact times of the program items will be announced shortly before the festival. Please prepare properly for your participation, registration is not required. It is advisable to bring your own yoga mat or suitable base to the workshops. Alcoholic beverages are not desired during the day. Anand will offer hot drinks and water in his Chaitent in the Circle.

We are looking forward to active participation in our magical program!