All Festivaltickets include:

- Camping (tent, motorhome/caravan)
- Parking
- Drinking water, showers, toilets
- Pre-sale fees

When entering the site, a garbage deposit of 10 euros will be charged in cash.


Daytickets are valid from 10 o'clock in the morning till the next morning at 10. They don't include drive-in by car and camping! We don't charge a garbage deposit.
Day tickets are available from now.


Supportertickets help with the preservation and further development of the ANTARIS. There is also the possibility to donate in the shop. Thank you for your support! In small return, supporters will be preferred at the checkin, we will set up an extra lane and avoid waiting time.

Payment options:

Klarna instant transfer
credit card

The tickets will be sent by e-mail after receipt of payment.