It’s for your ears - it's for your eyes -
it's for your heart

Experience with all your senses, that's the ANTARIS! Attracted by the bass of the Lambda-Labs sound system, a temple of decoration and light opens up to you. Immerse yourself in the world of psy-trance on the trance floor or alternatively in the slower varieties on the firefloor! Goa Jonas has once again put together a superlative program of international musicians, from impressive newcomers to the old hands of the psytrance and techno scene.

We would like to place special emphasis on the spiritual circle this year, a place for workshops, lectures and chilling will be created here. Away from the two dance floors and yet with a perfect view over the entire area, it gets a completely new orientation. More information here.



After the severe weather fiasco last year, many creative people put their heads together and developed a completely new concept for the trance floor. Classic and modern meet with Buju's hand-painted roof and three-dimensional spatial elements from Free Optics. Through the laser show by Kris/SFX Laser Works and the spacey light show by EPS/Provisuell, we open a portal to a surreal world.

The Merkaba of the light poet Alfred Wolski - in the center of the dance floor - activates higher consciousness. Welcome to the future!

Lineup Trancefloor



Embedded in the magic of fire, between the fire tent and flamejets, lies our firefloor. Energy, passion and transformation find their origin here. After the great success last year, won't be changing the floor significantly.

A musical program from Organic-House to Slow-Tech to Psy-Techno will appeal to everyone who finds the trance floor to fast at times.

Lineup Firefloor