When Antaris founder Uwe Siebert got some good old friends from Berlin, Munich and the Ruhr area together for an open-air party in 1993, no one could have guessed how powerful the project would be. Uwe had a circus tent set up on a meadow near Rüdersdorf and decorated it with blacklight paintings. All around, he and his supporters hung Indian fairy lights.

For 20 marks, the guests could celebrate from Saturday evening to Sunday noon and were treated to a bombastic laser show, which was beyond all dimensions at the time and required 60 liters of cooling water per minute. DJs for Goa trance were hard to find in Germany, but with Scotty, Antaro and Sangeet the line-up was impressive. In the middle of the night a group of shepherds in slouch hats, cloaks and shepherd's crooks came by - it didn't take long for the rhythm to get them dancing too.

This is the magic of the Antaris, familiar to anyone who has ever walked into its gravitational field.

Nothing can counteract her attraction. She takes possession of you, makes your eyes shine and your heart beat faster. She makes your legs dance, you can't resist it. You don't want to either.

For Uwe Siebert, the first Antaris was a financial loss in the five-digit range, and it took two years before he dared a new edition. But he had not only learned from the beginner's mistakes, but was also inspired by the desire to continue his project. And he has succeeded, year after year, despite serious setbacks, with passion, perseverance and the active support of many loyal Antarians.