It’s for your ears:

The music is clearly in the foreground! We spared no expense or effort to present a top-class international lineup on both floors. DJs, live acts and even full bands will heat up both floors via a Lambda-Labs QX system, including the techno floor, which this year will have a real dance floor in addition to the tried-and-tested fire tent.

Goa Jonas creates a timetable for the trance floor that promises a musical journey from progressive beats during the day to old school/goatrance in the evening to full-on, nightpsy and forest at night.

Similarly,  the techno floor will ramp up from downtempo and organic house to tech house to psychedelic techno.

It’s for your eyes:

We break up proven decoration concepts and put them back together. We have revised the space concept, nothing stays the same as it was, you will be surprised!

It’s for your heart:

Lynne will create a program for inner balance and preparation for the dance marathon in the Spiritual Circle.

"Antaris  -  It began in Goa many moons ago.  We partied on the beach, in the jungle - wherever.  And in between the parties we did yoga, learned about Ayurveda and alternative healing.  We were in India after all!  If your curiosity brings you to those "in between" moments, come and check out The Spiritual Circle.  Daily workshops are available (timetable to follow).  You can also meet Peter from Hungary and learn from his expansive knowledge of Ayurveda, or book a massage.  Holistic therapist Shirele will be available for energy healing or if you would simply like a tarot reading look out for Luna.  If you see decorative Tibetan flags then you´ve found The Spiritual Circle."