Dear friends of ANTARIS,
dear Antarians!

After a wonderful 24th festival, a big anniversary is coming up: a quarter of a century of ANTARIS will be celebrated in 2019.

We have a lot of enthusiasm to make everything more beautiful for the big 25th ANTARIS, from the sanitary situation to the music system, more music styles, light, laser show, Alternative Floor, Chillout and Spiritual Area – everything will be a bit better and fine tuned. And we shall party like it is the last time, as it is not sure how it will continue for the Grand Madame of the Psytrance Festivals.

See you in the summer of 2019, when the ANTARIS UFO lands in its usual light and shines bright once again. The ANTARIS starship has already set in motion from distant galaxies and is flying with Warp 25 propulsion towards Stölln. The punctually calculated landing date is July 5th. In its usual splendor and more fantastic than ever, it will pump intergalactic sounds and starlight from the depths of the universe over the Otto-Lilienthal airfield for four days and three nights.

We are looking forward to meet you all again from the 5th to the 8th of July 2019!

Laugh & Dance! It's for your eyes, your ears and your heart!
ANT-ARIS =AGAINST WAR! For friendship, peace and freedom !

Tickets in the presale are available through the website, which leads you to the ANTARIS shop of "Marandai". In Berlin's Goa-Store there are also ANTARIS T-shirts and hard tickets for the festival available.

Antaris Project 2019 Tickets & Marandai


Alternative Floor

Chillout Area

The Chillout area has become a small and secret dance alternative to the other floors with a more relaxed chill and electronic sound : Many Dj's & Acts from the trendy Berlin clubs like Kater Blau, Sisyphos and others enrich the creative lineup, designed for the 8th time by Chris Zippel / Genuine Sounds.

Including the ON! Show crew around Tom Eichhagen and Joma Beton. The Iranian and head of the Slomo Party series, Moji (Rebellion der Träumer), Miguel Martinez from Mexico (Weltanschluss) and Marcos Lopez (Marmion). The Hamburg-based act Vargo will present their new Ep 100 on Holzmarkt label 'Mucke', and the DJ-veteran'Ping' from the Hanseatic city will also be there. Further highlights: Irwin Leschet, ED 2000, Sidi Kaouki, Antaro and Eat Static.

In addition to the dancefloor there is a large tent with a fire bowl to relax in, as well as a fairy bar with delicious specials, a fairy kitchen with vitalizing dishes and at the bar you are served by elves. The great troup is called "Elphame Fairy Circus" - it is colorful and wonderful!

  • Chill & Chai-Area
  • Psychedelic Art Gallery
  • Performances
  • Dancefloor-Area

Lineup arranged again virtuously by Chris Zippel aka Genuine Sounds.


Spiritual Circle

Having started in 2010 The Spiritual Circle will, this year, celebrate its 8th magical year at the Antaris festival. The number 8 represents balance, harmony and regeneration. So, if you´re in need of relaxation, re-charging or regenerating, it´s definitely worth a visit. A variety of qualified masseurs are at your disposal to soothe those aching muscles.

Choose from Shiatsu, ayurveda, klang or deep tissue. Your olfactory senses can be tested at Stephan´s "Kopfnote" stall where natural incenses are aplenty. For your visual pleasure we are proud to present Jon and his team from the Psychadellic Dream Temple, returning after their visit in 2016.

In the Moroccan tent, as always, there will be regular yoga classes to connect mind and body (and prepare it for the next visit to the dance floor). The workshop timetable will begin each day at 08.30 with the gentle art of Tai Chi from Hans The Traveller. And this years special treat is "Electric Buddha" with Zen workshops, mantra practise and personal consulting interviews with Zen Master Ji Kwang and Dharma Master Yuval from the Kwan Um School of Zen Europe. Wow!

Situated between the two dance floors, The Spiritual Circle still remains a calm and powerful oasis of esoteric charm that´s not to be missed.


Airfield Otto-Lilienthal in Rhinow/Stölln.

117 years aviation history and since 2005 Antaris dance history at the oldest airfield in the world.

Otto Lilienthal Airfield in Stölln is not only a wonderful party space, it is also the oldest airfield in the world. Here is where the pioneer, Otto Lilienthal started the first started his first human gliding experiments. From the festival site near Gollenberg he made many daring flying experiences. For the anniversary from “100 Jahre Menschenflug/100 years of human flights” on 23rd October 1989 the flight captain, Heinz-Dieter Kahlbach spectacularly landed an Iljuschin II-62 on the 900 meter grass runway. Later, Otto Lilienthals wife Agnes was given the title “Lady Agnes”. So much history – so check out the airplane, it is now an interesting museum which also serves as Registry Office from time to time! We are proud, in the spirit of this daring pioneer, to have the opportunity to come together and blast off for four days and three nights, in this village steeped in such amazing history.
Thank you!

Find more information about this historical place by following these links (german only):

Wikipedia Artikel
FSV "Otto Lilienthal" Stölln/Rhinow e.V.

Ticket Pre-Sale


From the 3rd of November 2018 at 3pm online presale-tickets are available exclusively via the new Antaris Shop website!

As last year we also offer electronic tickets.

The pre-sale shops
in Berlin (Marandai), Hamburg (Om Shankari), Münster (Sitting Bull), Rathenow (Ticketbörse), Chemnitz, Dresden, Erfurt, Gera, Jena, Leipzig und Zwickau (Chillhouse) are equipped with normal Tickets from the beginning of february.
Please scroll down for the addresses.

No matter where you live on our beautiful planet, you can print out your ticket yourself. With this change in our presale procedure we specially aim to make it easier for our international guests to purchase your ticket online. Each online ticket contains a barcode that we scan at the entrance.

Ticketprice at the gate is 140€

Every barcode is unique
and looses its validity
once it´s scanned into our system.

If you would like to support Antaris Festival by distributing flyers
send an e-mail with your postal address and the number of flyers you need
to the appropriate contact you'll find HERE.

Pre-Sale Shops



Strahlauer Allee 17 E
Friedrichshain a.d. Elsenbrücke
10245 Berlin
Tel.: +49-(0)30-69 49 255

Boxhagener Str. 86
10245 Berlin,
Tel.: +49-(0)30-21238800


Hahnenkamp 12
22765 Hamburg
Tel.: +49-(0)40-39 03 847


Grünauer Fenn 21
14712 Rathenow
Tel.: +49-(0)3385-50 80 08


Hafenstraße 56, 48153 Münster
Tel.: +49-(0)251-52 20 68


Brückenstrasse 8
09111 Chemnitz
Tel.: +49-(0)371-3 67 68 22


Alaunstraße 56
01099 Dresden
Tel.: +49-(0)351-8 95 10 77


Juri-Gagarin-Ring 96-98
99084 Erfurt
Tel.: +49-(0)361-6 54 76 47


Heinrichstraße 78
07545 Gera
Tel.: +49-(0)365-5 52 09 96


Löbdergraben 9
07743 Jena
Tel.: +49-(0)3641-30 94 30


Brühl 10-12
04109 Leipzig
Tel.: +49-(0)341-2 68 99 20


Peter-Breuer-Straße 29
08056 Zwickau
Tel.: +49-(0)375-2 04 85 64


Hauptstrasse 21 (Bollmannpassage)
14776 Brandenburg a.d. Havel
Tel.: +49-(0)3381-22 06 90


Auf dem Strengfeld 6 (EKZ Werderpark)
14542 Werder / Havel
Tel.: +49-(0)3327-57 46 41


Pressezentrum /
Printzentrum GmbH

Frau Klebba
Kröpelinerstr. 26
18055 Rostock
Tel.: +49-(0) 381 491 79 79
Fax.: +49 (0) 381 491 79 33

Attention, for your own safety:

Presale tickets are available only at the listed german pre-sale shops or online here at the Antaris website.
If you don’t have a pre-sale ticket please pay for the entrance directly at the cashbox only and nowhere else on the way before!

Laugh & Dance

by car

Klicken für Google-Maps mit Routenplaner


Street: Apfelallee
ZIP: 14728


Connection Neuruppin (AS 22) half right off of A24 / E26 / E55, go on B167 direction Neustadt(Dosse). Turn right on B167 direction Dabergotz. After 18,46km in Bückwitz turn right on B5Hauptstraße direction Kampehl. After 430m turn left on B102Kampehler Straße direction Kampehl. After 3,43km in Neustadt(Dosse) turn left on B102Bahnhofstraße direction Hohenofen. After 14,98km turn left on L17 direction Stölln.
You should arrive in 14728 Stölln after 1,11km
and then



Call a taxi using the following number:
+49 (0)3385 50 38 38 or +49 (0)3385 50 37 94

Or use your smartphone to order a taxi following this link:

Taxi Meier - QR-Code

Bus and Train


Hourly Regional Train
from Berlin Hbf to Rathenow.

Info here:


HBU Reisen

offers transfers from Kempten
via Munich directly to Antaris.

Info here:


offers transfers from france to Antaris.

Info here:

Busshuttle from and to Berlin

Neue Kantstrasse, corner of Messedamm,
parking site across from the ZOB.

One-way to Stölln:
Friday 18h + 22h

One-way to Berlin:
Sunday 18h + 22h
Monday 21h

Online-Booking here:
Info here:

GoaExpress Hamburg Bustour

Laugh & Dance! It´s for your eyes, your ears and your heart! We don´t need to be told twice and we´re your lift to the 24th Antaris at the airfield Otto-Lilienthal in Stölln.


GoaExpress Timetable Hamburg:
Departure: Thursday + Friday at 5pm
Return on Sunday: at 7pm
Return on Monday: at 4pm

GoaExpress Timetable Lübeck:
Departure: Thursday, at 3:30pm
Return: Sunday, at 8pm

GoaExpress Timetable Berlin:
Departure: Thursday, at 6pm
Return: Sunday, at 8pm

More Infos & booking on GoaExpress Hamburg

Bus shuttle from train station
Neustadt-Dosse to Antaris

On arrival from Berlin or Hamburg there will be shuttles available to Antaris by TAXI LAST - Call +49 (0)172-3811672.
If needed there will be shuttles available from Antaris back to the train station.

Train stations next to Antaris are:
16845 Neustadt(Dosse)
14712 Rathenow.

Hotel Recommendations

Das Schwalbennest

It's an approx. 5 min walk short from Antaris. There's a sun terrace and a good view on the plane 'Lady Agnes'. (Probably fully booked, already)

Am Gollenberg 2c
14728 Stölln
Phone: +49 (0)33875-90934

Zum Ersten Flieger
Otto Lilienthal

It's an approx. 25 min walk short from Antaris. here's a beer garden with comfortable Ambiente. (Probably fully booked, already)

14728 Gollenberg OT Stölln
Phone & Fax: +49 (0)33875-30434


Antaris Office:

Phone: +49-(0)2554-90 27 30
Fax: +49-(0)2554-90 27 32

PR & Promotion:

Julia Werner

Flyer order:


Uwe Siebert
Goa Jonas

Spiritual Circle:

Lynn Becker Ford